Big Fun and Turnout for ULTIMATE CITIZENS Film & Frisbee

Big Fun and Turnout for ULTIMATE CITIZENS Film & Frisbee

More than 125 attendees gathered at Northgate Community Center to enjoy selected film scenes, meet the film’s student stars, and catch up with Mr. Jamshid.

Thanks to everyone who braved one of Seattle’s rainiest days to come to our ULTIMATE CITIZENS Film & Frisbee event on Dec. 15. So many beautiful, familiar faces, and we made new friends too!

While we’ve been editing, our Frisbee stars have grown up. They’re all at least a foot taller and doing great things in high school. Mr. Jamshid is still the same great human, and the reason we fell in love with this story in the first place.

Special thanks to Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs and 4Culture for sponsoring the event. As filmmakers, it meant a lot to see the crowd react so enthusiastically to the documentary we’ve been working away on for so long. We can’t wait to finish the film and bring this inspiring story to the world.