Full hearts. Flat Ball. Can’t lose.

ULTIMATE CITIZENS captures a year in the life of Mr. Jamshid, a fiery and funny school counselor. He coaches a team of Ultimate Frisbee players, including Nyahoak, a girl whose family fled South Sudan as refugees, and Pio, a boy whose parents emigrated from Western Samoa for a better life, but became homeless. The story unfolds at Seattle’s Hazel Wolf K-8, an inner-city public school, but it could take place anywhere in America where the most vulnerable people work minimum wage jobs around the clock. ULTIMATE CITIZENS is about the power of a community to flip institutional scripts, to heal, and to win. Intimate and uplifting, ULTIMATE CITIZENS is a call to action, and a balm for anyone who has ever felt left out.

The Filmmaker

Francine Strickwerda is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. Her independent feature films, including Oil & Water and Busting Out, have screened on Showtime, Netflix, Amazon, PBS, and television channels all over the world. Francine’s work has been supported by MacArthur Foundation, Independent Television Service (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) and many others. She’s created video campaigns for some of the world’s most recognizable brands and non-profits through her company Hullabaloo. Formerly she was a senior producer at HealthTalk.com, a producer at KCTS Public Television in Seattle, and executive editor of PBS websites. She grew up a teacher’s kid, and began her career in journalism as a reporter for daily and weekly newspapers in Washington and Idaho.

Flock This Way Films was founded by Francine Strickwerda to create documentaries that spark and inspire with provocative stories about people, culture, politics and the environment.

Hullabaloo is a Seattle-based creative video agency that specializes in award-winning television documentaries, as well as advertising and brand storytelling for the tech industry and non-profits.